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Andrew Carnegie

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Three Candidates for Shorts: Web MD - Konink and CYH

Web MD health Holding Inc. (WBMD).- Price: US$ 26.25 (Var: - 28.53%). Volume: 11.65 Millions of shares (daily MA: 825K). Big gapdown with high volume.

Koninklijke Philips Inc. (PHG).- Price: US$ 19.05 (Var: -5.46%). Volume: 2.64 Millions of shares (daily MA: 1.39M). Continue the down path.

Community Health Systems (CYH).- Price: US$ 17.47 (Var: -3.32%). Volume: 2.25 Millions of shares (daily MA: 1.47M).