"No man can become rich without himself enriching others"
Andrew Carnegie


Stock Tips Investment is the result of the collaboration 0f 27 professionals. Your donations help us keep the motivation of our team and cover overhead expenses. This allows us to stay in touch daily.

We develop and grew up working in Peru. A small but growing country in south america.Recently, we decided to open an office in Lima, capital of Peru, in order to cover all the information about investment opportunities in South America.

Peru is a country that is growing rapidly. Its GDP has incremetado in more than 7% annually during the last ten years. Your level of poverty has fallen more than 60% of its population to 38%. It is a country that has almost no debt and no government deficit. It is huge effort has been doing all this people.

However, there is still much to do. For this reason, we have decided to contribute to this effort. To do this, we have agreedthat 30% of everything we raise from donations you make us, will be designed to cover the costs of education of people with great potential but lack of money.

We agree to report periodically on the use of these resources and to document the effort in this field.


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