"No man can become rich without himself enriching others"
Andrew Carnegie

About us

My name is Henry Drew and together with my partner, Gonzalo Loayza, we decided to create this blog last year. I met Gonzalo in 1992 when he was the CEO of a major business group in South America, with investments in Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. By that time, I was  COO of a Private Fund in New York. I had over ten years working in Wall Street. Gonzalo was organizing a Private Investment Fund with money from the shareholders of the Group for which he worked.

He hired me to organize and operate this Fund. Began operating in 1994 and we had a very big success in no time. With part of the profits we generate, this group of businessmen, was expanded significantly, acquiring banks and starting ventures in a number of industries.
From the beginning, I was impressed with the ability to assimilate Gonzalo had knowledge of how Wall Street works. In less than two years, we had developed a very successful investment strategy.

In the late nineties, the economic situation is very complicated around the countries of South America where the group had invested. Venezuela elected Hugo Chavez hadwhile President Fujimori was growing weaker in Peru and Colombia saw increasingly threatened by terrorism.
Nearly all businesses were lost in Venezuela and Colombia and Peru are sold most companies, some with very large losses. Our investors decided to start businesses in the U.S. and in Europe, which needed to use most of the money we were driving in the Fund.

In late 2005, Gonzalo and I decided to make our own company, in order to devote ourselves to asset management. We start with the money we had earned during those years and the balance left by our South American investors. Despite the 2008 crisis, our results were surprisingly good over the years.

This is how we made the decision to "open" our operations and begin to share our knowledge and experience. We believe we must help the average investor has access to valuable information that allows to be successful in their investments and achieve results that look reserved only for big investors.

Stock Tips Investment is one of these mechanisms. Every day we strive to select the information that may be most useful to any investor. We want to offer ideas, knowledge and information that is useful for making decisions of any investor. 

But we wanted to go beyond our claim. For this reason, we decided to include in this blog, a series of carefully structured portfolios. Thus, any investor interested may access the stocks and the mechanisms used by professional traders and investors.

We deliver these portfolios for free and will expand the number of portfolios so that we can cover most of the needs of people. That is our real added value and our real commitment to our readers.