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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Five Best Free ETF Tools Online

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Everyone likes to get something for free. Unfortunately, many things that can be had at no financial cost often don't have any value. Fortunately, that is not the case when it comes to tools that can help traders and investors make more informed (and profitable) decisions regarding exchange-traded productsIn fact, an often underrated benefit tied to the rapid expansion of ETFs and ETNs is how many free and useful tools there are that investors can use. Beyond enhanced education, investors can use the free tools featured here as parts of broader strategies to increase profits and steer clear of dangerous products. Five tools were selected for this list, although it should be noted that there are others out there worthy of consideration (an addition to this list is forthcoming later this year). In no particular order: Direxon's Educate Me Feature Naysayers might say "Of course Direxion is going to say a bunch of nice things about leveraged ETFs. They want people to invest in those funds."
True, Direxion is the second-largest issuer of leveraged and inverse ETFs behind ProShares, so it does behoove both companies to paint constantly controversial leveraged ETFs in a more positive lightHowever, what is better for issuers of these funds is to educate investors about the risks involved before those investors plunk their cash down. An educated trader of leveraged ETFs is more likely to keep using the products over someone who gets burned once or twice and swears off these funds forever. ... Continue to read.
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