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Andrew Carnegie

Saturday, July 14, 2012

5 Country ETFs To Diversify Your Risk

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Today's economy is becoming more and more intertwined. Greece failure? Better hope you stocked up on that VIX hedge. Egypt flaring up again? Luckily you bought those out-of-the-money SPY puts.
But while major markets can certainly move in unison - a simple principle known as correlation - different countries may have different gains each year. Upset because the S&P only gained 6%, including dividends? Perhaps another country gained 12%.
While many investors love to diversify by buying commodities like natural gas or oil (note: both links take you to articles that I just wrote - they could be helpful for diversification), country ETFs offer a more specific type of exposure.
Below are five country ETFs that are often overlooked, and a few strengths and weaknesses of each. ... Continue to read.
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