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Andrew Carnegie

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fraud: Why The Great Recession

Chicago, Oct.24, trading stocks .- Free markets are not to be blamed for the Great Recession. On the contrary, its origins rest upon the deep government and central bank intervention in the  economy. Through fraudulent mechanisms, this causes recurrent boom and bust cycles: bad policies create phases of irrational exuberance, which are then followed by economic recessions, a result that every citizen ends up suffering from.
The above blurb is the lead-in for the new documentary on the causes of the Great Recession, “Fraud: Why The Great Recession”. It is a brilliant production from an Austrian economic theory viewpoint. The great thing about it is that it takes a more European view of how the Great Recession affected them as well as in America. Production values are excellent. You can also contribute to the producers via PayPal, as I did, since this is a crowdsource funded project.
Hat tip to our friends at the Truman Factor in Spain..
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