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Andrew Carnegie

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Successful Portfolio

In mid-December last year, we decided to incorporate a new portfolio for free on our Blog. I refer to the Mirabo Long Term Portfolio (MLTP). This model aims to help people who have little time to manage their investments

Stocks are selected carefully when they initiate a long-term trend. Consequently, the rotation of stocks within the portfolio is very low and the need to act on investment is limited to a few opportunities over a year. It is very common to find stocks that are included in this portfolio and remain there for more than a year or two. Accordingly, it requires very little personal attention of the investor.

However, this does not mean that you give up big returns. We could cite many successful cases included in our portfolio including stocks in which registered a return of over 100% in a period of eighteen months. But we would like to mention just two examples of our MLTP. The most notable case is that of RPC Inc, whose stocks have risen 35.48% since mid-December. Or the case of Helix Energy Solutions, whose stocks rose 22.71% in the same period. We invite you to follow up on this portfolio, which we believe meets the needs of many investors who have little free time. They can also see the rest of our portfolio by clicking here.

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