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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nikkei and ASX 200 rally, while China & Europe weaken

By Colin Twiggs

Sydney, Apr.22, stock picks .- Respect of support at 1540 and the bottom trend channel indicates a S&P 500 rally to test 1600 and the upper channel line. Failure to break resistance at 1600 would warn of a correction as signaled by mild bearish divergence on 21-day Twiggs Money Flow.

S&P 500
The FTSE 100 also respected support, at 6220, but a tall shadow on Monday warns of selling pressure. Reversal of 21-day Twiggs Money Flow below zero would strengthen the signal and breach of support (6220) would signal a test of the primary trendline at 6000.
FTSE 100
Germany's DAX broke medium-term support at 7500. A 21-day Twiggs Money Flow peak at zero warns of selling pressure. Follow-through below 7400 would signal a test of primary support at 7000. Recovery above 7600 is unlikely, but would test the descending trendline at 7700.
India's Sensex broke resistance at 19000. Respect of support at 18000 and the rising trendline indicates the primary trend is intact. Mild bullish divergence on 21-day Twiggs Money Flow signals buying pressure. Expect consolidation or short retracement, but follow-through above the descending trendline at 19200 would indicate an advance to 20000.
China's Shanghai Composite is testing medium-term resistance at 2250. Breakout would penetrate the descending trendline, indicating the correction is over.
Shanghai Composite
Unfortunately the Dow Jones Shanghai Index respected the descending trendline Tuesday, indicating another down-swing to the lower trend channel.
Dow Jones Shanghai Index
Japan's Nikkei 225 is the star performer, when measured in Yen. Sharp rallies, with frequent gaps, followed by short retracements indicates a strong up-trend. As does 21-day Twiggs Money Flow oscillating clear above the zero line.
Nikkei 225
The ASX 200 met some resistance at 5020, but rising 21-day Twiggs Money Flow indicates buying pressure and breakout would signal a test of 5150.
ASX 200
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