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Andrew Carnegie

Friday, May 13, 2011

Special Report

Three Ways To Make Triple-Digit Profits In The Stock Market

Dear Investor:

In The Market Trust  we are committed to your financial future. We know how important it is to make your money grow year after year for you to achieve your goals.

Whether you want a sports car, a new house, those wonderful vacations, some extra incomes, to increase your retirement funds…or to become a millionaire!!!!!...The only thing you have to do is to manage your money in a reasonable and successful way.

Is it possible to achieve all this in the Stock Market?...Of course, it is!!! Providing you obtain professional advice. At Themarket Trust we keep track of thousands of stocks every day. We evaluate, compare and select those with real winning potential.

We have been successfully working for a private investment fund for a long time, and have been outperforming the market year after year. For this reason, we will send you, in a timely basis, a series of reports prepared by our team of experts offering you the best opportunities in the Stock Market, and the best way to achieve your investment objectives through our portfolios. 

In order to offer you more alternatives, we have designed three different portfolios aiming at meeting your investment objectives, the limits you want to see results, and the different risks that can be assumed.

In conclusion, we offer you portfolios that suit your own investment style, and that let your assets grow consistently…

Some recent examples of stocks included in our portfolios are:

CREE: + 192% in twelve months.
WCRX: + 122% in seven months.
MFW: + 78% in five months.
IBN: + 63% in seven months.
CGA: + 105% in five months.
RINO: + 100% in two months!!!
MED: + 72% in three months.
STAR: + 195% in eleven months.

Deep-Sea Fishing Opportunities...Looking Forward To The Reward…

If you are interested in medium-term investments, we would like to introduce you to our Long Swing Model (LSM). This portfolio looks for investment opportunities in companies which stocks have experienced a considerable drop in their prices, which are starting to show an important sign of recovery.

LSM selects the best advice when stocks are in an initial recovery phase. Therefore, they are about to take an important jump in their price and generate great profitability for the investors.

Our skill is based on the ability to identify those opportunities… and put them at your disposal for you to obtain an economic benefit.

Do Not Settle For Less…When You Can Choose The Best And Make Money With Them In The Stock Market.

If you are the kind of person who prefers to invest in companies that have been showing a rapid growth, then we offer you our TMT Growth Model (TGM).

This portfolio contains stocks from companies experiencing an exceptional growth in sales, operations and especially in their profits!!!

Stocks being part of TGM belong to companies working in industries that are in high demand in the market, especially by institutional investors, and which performance has been exceptional in the last twelve months compared to the market average.

Since these stocks represent the capital of small and medium-sized firms, they are usually more volatile and their prices have significant ups and downs in short periods of time.

The MarkeTrust will permanently contact you to offer you an investment opportunity in these stocks and to point out the best time to obtain profits.

Fast And Consistent…Use A Few Minutes Every Day And Earn Profits Every Week…

And if you are the kind of person who prefers faster portfolio turnovers, we can offer you our Fast Swing Model (FSM), which during 2009, kept all their stocks for an average of 21 days, earning an average return of 5.39% for each one... that is…133.50% on a yearly basis.

Obviously this portfolio will require more time than the others, but if you prefer to “earn” profits on a short-time basis, then FSM is your best choice!

Our Commitment…A Better Service

At The Market Trust, we have developed the most profitable investment alternatives aiming at giving you the best service and confidence so that your money is well invested!!!

We know how important your money is. We are aware that every person has his/her own dreams when it comes to their money: buying the house of your dreams, having the sports cars you like so much or deciding to go on an unforgettable vacation. You can also be a person who wants to pay your children’s college, invest for your retirement…or just increase your wealth!!!

Whatever your dreams are concerning your money…The Market Trust will help you make them come true.

Enjoy your investments.


The Market Trust