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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The 4 biggest investment performance myths -

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In 26 years in the investment industry, I have seen investor and advisor behavior from many different angles: as an advisor, portfolio manager, strategist, author and proprietor. Two things have been quite consistent during that quarter-century: 1) That clients and advisors both care deeply about investment performance and 2) that investment performance is rarely evaluated with proper perspective.
The latter point, for the most part, this is unintentional; it’s the collateral damage of world that increasingly moves too fast for many people to really think carefully about understanding the data and charts in front of their eyes. Instead, we are addicted to sound bites from the media, and the sizzle of investing overwhelms the steak. In an attempt to deliver some of that missing perspective about investment performance, here is my list of what advisors must help their clients understand about performance — historical lessons, how it is generated, and how it can easily be misinterpreted by both client and advisor. I will also recommend how to achieve some of that perspective I noted above, so that both advisor and client can close communication gaps, which are bound to occur when they are evaluating how a portfolio has performed.... Continue to read.
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