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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our portfolios continue their way up

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During this year, the DJ-30 is up 4.6%. In contrast, the SP-500 has risen 7.9% and the Nasdaq Comp. has grown 11.6%. Comparatively, our Mirabo Strategic Growth Hedge Portfolio (MSGHP) has shown a yield of 26.1% over the same period. In addition, our Mirabo Strategic  Break Hedge Portfolio (MSBHP) is up 23.6%. On the other hand, our  Mirabo Active Acumulative  Ultra Hedge QQQ  Portfolio (MAUHQP) grew 17.8%. Finally, the Mirabo Passive Acumulative Ultra QQQ  Portfolio (MPAUQP) has recorded a return of -2.17%.
Fundamentally, our strategy, "Long-Short opportunities" that can benefit from these excellent results. This, despite the difficulties that the market has been experiencing since mid-April. The deteriorating economic situation in Europe has introduced a large uncertainty factor. Additionally, the ECB intervention in the market has also been a factor that has kept Wall Street set the trend more clearly. Recently, news of the loss of dynamism in the economy of China and the need for adjustment in the U.S. economy are also significantly affecting the stock market.

Finally, we present earnings season is becoming a key element of market behavior. Probably continue to see a faltering market for the next two or three months, as much of the above factors will have to be resolved one way or another. However, while market movements allow the trade, it is likely that our portfolios continue to show increasing returns.
When we decided to revive this blog in December last year, we set a clear objective. To provide our readers, timely and quality information to enable them to make better investment decisions.
However, we knew that there are other blogs that develop these same issues and that we should differentiate ourselves from them. It's so we decided to include in this blog, our investment portfolios.

We believe that in this way, we are giving an important added value to our work for our readers.
Initially, we perceive a certain disbelief and distrust from our readers. After all, who offers free, some investment portfolios?. However, I believe that time has been our best ally.
Every day we receive more information from our readers showing interest in our portfolios. And every week, this section of the blog gets more visitors. This forces us to be increasingly demanding and effective in our work. We are committed to this blog and continue making an effort because you receive more and better information from us. To view more information about our portfolio click here.

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