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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Five Best Performing ETFs (So Far) in 2012

English: Stijn Claessens speaking at the Cass ...
English: Stijn Claessens speaking at the Cass Business School in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
2012 started off as a pretty solid year for the markets as equities rose across the board in the first quarter. However, the second quarter wasn’t nearly as friendly to investors as markets slumped thanks to a number of risks. Now, Europe appears to be on the brink once again while the American economy could teeter back into a low growth environment as well. Beyond these important economies, events aren’t going very well in emerging markets either, as worries over inflation and growth are plaguing a variety of important developing nationsWith this backdrop, a number of market sectors have performed quite poorly in the first part of the year, mostly thanks to the uncertainty in the second quarter. Thanks to this, six of the nine main sectors of the S&P 500 have posted a loss in the past three month period, suggesting that the negative sentiment is pretty widespread throughout the equity world (The Five Best ETFs over the Past Five Years). Still, despite the overall gloomy tone in the marketplace heading into the second half of the year—and weakness in a number of segments-- some ETFs have been able to perform quite nicely and are actually posting double digit gains. Below, we highlight five of these top ETF performers which have managed to stay well in the green even with a potentially crumbling economy all around them: ... Continue to read.
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