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Friday, July 6, 2012

Is it time, the airline ETF (FAA) buy?

Ethiopian Airlines 757-200
Ethiopian Airlines 757-200 (Photo credit: caribb)
The airline industry continues to face challenges of concerns associated with business and oil prices and the never-ending turmoil. The major threat to the airline industry is the fuel price volatility, which is next hedging techniques that are outside the control of airlines (Read: Airline ETF requests turbulence on oil surge). While higher oil prices make the operation of aircraft, expensive, lower price point to a slowing economy and lead to a decline in global demand for air travel. The fluctuating trend in oil prices and growing tensions over Iran and other Middle East nations to keep pressure on airlines (Read: Three ETFs for an Iranian crisis). These concerns are wide fears of the rise in oil prices in the second half of the year and declining demand from key emerging economies, the rise is already in its development the majority of air travel in the recent past. Behind these emerging market suffering, developed markets are not much better, especially in the case of Europe. Despite a series of bailouts in Europe intensified suffering of all eyes on Greece, Spain and Italy, as to stop the slide in its business (Read: Spanish Bailout: Did it help European ETFs) to try. In fact, threats of a recession looming on the economy at large. In such a scenario would jeopardize the warning before a decline in demand for air travel airlines that violate the value of the shares of airlines and every ETF with exposure to the sector ... Continue to read.
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