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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gold: Two elephants in a lifeboat

End the Fed
End the Fed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Colin Twiggs

Chicago, Jun.1, online stock trading .- There are currently two players destabilizing global financial markets — like elephants in a lifeboat. One is the Bank of Japan, with markets uncertain as to how massive expansion of the monetary base will play out. The second is the Fed, where hints of a taper were enough to send the market into a panic, forcing the Fed to tone down its rhetoric. Emphasis now is on marginal rather than sizable decreases in QE.
Gold broke resistance at $1400, respecting primary support at $1320 and headed for another test of $1500. Uncertainty is high with the metal as likely to break resistance at $1500, signaling a primary up-trend, as to break primary support, which would offer a target of $1200*.

* Target calculation: 1350 - ( 1500 - 1350 ) = 1200

Treasury Yields

Ten-year treasury yields broke resistance at 2.10%, signaling a primary up-trend. First, expect retracement to test the new support level at 2.00/2.05 percent. Breach of that level would warn of another test of primary support at 1.60%. I do not believe that rising yields indicate a resurgence of inflation expectations, but rather anticipation of the Fed taper of quantitative easing. No one wants to be left holding bonds when yields start rising.
Ten-year Treasury Yields

Crude Oil

Brent Crude is headed for another test of resistance at $106/barrel. Respect would indicate a down-swing to $92*, while failure would signal reversal to an up-trend. Nymex WTI respected resistance at $98 and is expected to re-test resistance at $85/barrel. A classic pair trade, the spread between the two is likely to narrow as the European economy under-performs.
Crude Oil


Commodity prices continue to fall, with the Dow Jones/UBS Commodity Index headed for primary support at 125/126. But signs of a base forming on the Shanghai Composite Index are likely to lift commodity prices. A Shanghai breakout above 2500 or penetration of the declining trendline would indicate a test of 150 for $DUBS.
Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index

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