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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Believe It or Not, the Bulls Still Have Plenty of Muscle

An einem Sonntag im August...
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Russell, NYSE Composite still pushing upward

Chart Key
The Russell 2000 made a new all-time high yesterday with its intraday high of 1,082. The Russell 2000 — like its cousin, the Nasdaq (see Wednesday’s chart and comment) — is trading within a bull channel, but unlike the Nasdaq, it has no resistance above it to hamper further new highs. MACD is slightly overbought but could become more overbought as the index continues its dogged advance.
The NYSE Composite is a broad-based index containing all stocks traded on the Big Board. Its chart pattern is much like that of the S&P 500 (see Monday’s chart), which recently made a new all-time high. But the NYSE’s new high at 9,906 — made last Wednesday — was unlike the S&P 500 in that it has not seen a new high since May, and its all-time high at 10,387 was made in October 2007.
Conclusion: Despite yet another down day, the short-, intermediate- and long-term trends still are bullish. The continuing power of the bull market is supported by both the broad-based indices as well as the small- and midcap stocks. The ability to keep trudging along despite the overwhelming negativity coming from Washington is a powerful argument in favor of the bulls. Bearish momentum is absent.
The strongest sectors continue to be industrials, tech & biotech, consumer discretionary, biotech, pharma, housing, materials and financials. Bonds and bond substitutes have been the weakest.
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